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Search Engine Optimization (seo) Explained For The Lay Person…

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO involves choosing the most relevant targeted keyword phrases relating to your website, ensuring that this helps to rank your website higher up the results in search engines. Then... when a web searcher looks for specific keyphrases it returns your website in the search results. It simply involves tweaking the content of your website including the HTML and Meta tags and also involves relevant link building.

Today's most widely used search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. Search engines prefer to keep their ranking algorithms mostly secret, to help ensure they are credited with returning the most relevant search results and to deter spammers from clogging their results pages. A search engine might employ hundreds or even thousands of algorithm factors while ranking their listings whilst the algorithm factors themselves and the weight each carries may be ever changing. Search engine algorithms can be so different in fact that, a web page that ranks no1 in a particular search engine could rank at no 100 in another.

New websites don't actually need to be submitted, as such, to search engines in order to be indexed. A back link from a well known or reputable website will cause the search engines to visit the new website and begin to crawl and index its contents. It can take a matter of days to some weeks from the referring of a link via a reputable website for all the main search engine crawlers to begin to visit and index the new website.

If you don't have any seo expertise or you aren't able to research keyphrases and work on your own website or search engine rankings, you might look to employ an seo company to do the search engine optimisation work for you.

Search engine optimization and internet marketing or web promotion companies will assess your website and propose any recommendations to increase your search engine rankings and your website's traffic. If you so choose, they can also provide an ongoing consultation service... monitoring your search results whilst making any recommendations for editing and making improvements. This could be done to ensure your website's traffic increases and your search engine rankings remain high. Most times your search engine optimization expert can work alongside your web designer to build an seo plan from the outset so that all aspects of design and seo are considered from day one.


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Scot Crone is owner of Micrositez a SEO UK an internet marketing, website promotion and web design company providing affordable a search engine optimisation to clients across the UK and worldwide.

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