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February 21 2017


Personal Loan

Personal Loans refer to the amount that is granted to fulfill a necessity or want. This amount is to be repaid by the borrower after a span of time. The lender of the Personal Loan charges interest on the amount of money that he grants as a Personal Loan. The borrower is supposed to pay the interest with the amount of Personal Loan in installments. Such Personal Loans are available by banks and also by all financial bodies. This is the most excellent feature of Personal Loans. It becomes easy for the borrower to apply for a Personal Loan since he doesn't have to run to various places for the same.

Personal Loans are of great benefit to the people who wish to buy several things but do not possess the funds that are actually required to suffice their need. Personal Loans may be home Personal Loans, educational Personal Loans or Personal Loan.

Personal Loan is mainly short term Personal Loans. Short term Personal Loans refer to the Personal Loans that are given for small amounts and are to be repaid in a short period which is mostly not more than three years. Technically, the Personal Loan that is given for personal, family or house related expenses is called a personal Loan. The expenses may refer to any kind be it an air conditioner, education, washing machine, repairs etc.

Sometimes it's promising that due to some other expenses you're not capable to meet up your individual operating cost or maybe your income doesn't allow you to spend on some items which are way too expensive. In such circumstances, personal loan is always preferable to opt.

Personal Loan can be secured or unsecured. Secured Personal Loans mean that they are given against a security while in unsecured Personal Loans there is no security. In secured Personal Loans the lender is at a benefit because on nonpayment by the borrower, he gets the possession of the security. But there is no such benefit in unsecured type of Personal Loans.

To get a personal Loan an individual is required to meet the standard qualifications of the financial body or a bank. The applicant of the Personal Loan must be minimum 18 yrs of age, the income should be regular and he must have a security in case of secured Personal Loans. Also he must have a bank account. It is not necessary that the borrower will get a Personal Loan approved of the amount that he wants. The amount of the Personal Loan that is to be given is decided by the lender on the basis of the borrower's income and security that is made available by him.

The rate of interests can be also checked on the basis of income and the amount of Personal Loan as well as the term that is given for repayment. The total amount i.e. the principal with the interest is to be repaid within the given time. The principal refers to the actual amount of Personal Loan that is given.

The Personal Loans are given for even the smallest amount that is asked. Personal needs are quite important and even though they are sometimes for luxury, it is always to be fulfilled for inner satisfaction. Personal Loan is given for any sort of personal requirements, be it huge or petty.

It is https://fafsa.ed.gov/ always recommended that the borrower must always read the terms and conditions of the lender and should be well aware about all aspects of the same. No decision should be taken in a hasty manner. The best offer should be taken into consideration as all institutions have their own policies. It should be seen that the borrower is at no loss while opting for any scheme.

Author's Bio: 

Gaurav Khurana is an expert on Personal Loan. He is the Founder Director of DIALABANK.COM (Call 60011600) and Ex National Sales Head - ING Investment Mgt India and Vice President Citibank N.A

February 20 2017


National Debt Clock — Tracking the Red

The U.S. national debt hit $13 trillion today, a stratospheric number with looming implications for every citizen.

With about 309 million people living in the U.S., the average American owns a $42,000 piece of debt -- and the 110 million taxpayers owe an even larger chunk per person as the debt grows ever larger.

Below are some figures from the U.S. National Debt Clock, which tracks the red ink every second of every day.

According to the Debt Clock:

o Total national debt: $13 trillion

o Debt per citizen: $42,026

o Debt per taxpayer: $117,982

o Total interest due: $1.9 trillion

o Interest per citizen: $2,211

Click here to see the Debt Clock, which is updated every second.

o Total personal debt: $16.5 trillion

o Total mortgage debt: $14.1 trillion

o Total consumer debt: $2.45 trillion

o Personal debt per citizen: $53,483

o Debt held by foreign countries: $4.07 trillion

The Debt Clock is not run by the U.S. government, but the information it collects comes from a range of government sources, including the U.S. Treasury, the Federal http://www.barclays.co.uk/Loans/P1242557963420 Reserve, the Congressional Budget Office, the Office of Management and the Budget, the U.S. Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Click here to visit the debt clock.

February 19 2017


Social Media And The Four Major Record Labels

EMI, Warner, Universal and Sony have always seemed to lead the way in terms of how music is marketed and which platforms work best for getting the artist's music to the audiences, but it was only in the last few years that social media and the online digital revolution has led way for artists to take a lead in the game. But how are the major record labels coping in the world of social media? Are they fully utilizing its capabilities, or like many musicians are they still not fully convinced that social media is an optimum platform for music?

Well, the signs show that the probably are convinced of its power (all four majors are active users of Twitter and also run frequently updated blogs) but as the following statistics collected by The Musician's Guide shows, only one record label is actually using Twitter well - EMI.

Twitter Followers

@Universal_Music are clearly in the lead with 43,000 followers, while EMI are a long way behind with just 4000 followers. However, this means nothing as quantity of Twitter followers does not reflect interaction or quality of those followers - for all we know all 43,000 of Universal's followers could be bots or inactive Twitter accounts!

Number of retweets

Retweets are one of the best metrics on Twitter to work out how much your followers agree with or enjoy your tweets. Interestingly we found that EMI are by far in the lead with an average of 24 retweets per tweet! See what I mean about quality of followers now? :)

Number of clicks per link

As well as being a great branding opportunity and reputation management tool for the four major record labels, Twitter is also a way for them to refer visitors to their website and the websites of their artists. EMI are once again in the lead with an average of 197 clicks per link posted - which is not too bad when you consider they only have just over 4000 friends!


Based on these three metrics I would argue that EMI are using Twitter the most effectively by a long shot - but Twitter is not just about traffic, Retweets and followers, it's also about interaction and reputation management - which are both areas that all four major record labels could improve on.

By: Marcus A Taylor

twitter follower bot

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

To find out more visit The Musician's Guide Blog

February 18 2017


Marketing & Advertising :: 13 of the Best Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

Since I just started the 14-Day Facebook Marketing Challenge yesterday (it's not too late to join us!), I have Social Media on the brain.

I've been thinking about one of the biggest reasons why businesses and entrepreneurs take the time to be on social media. Aside from showing off their cute pets or grandbabies, it's to help grow their business.

When wanting to grow our business, we often think of the more tradition methods of marketing and advertising. As an example, typical advertising channels are newspaper, radio and TV ads. Where typical marketing includes SEO, PR, and Direct Mail campaigns to name a few.

But when we look to social media to help with this, the approach needs to be different than those more traditional methods of getting qualified business leads.

And that approach is through a method called "inbound, pull or relationship marketing".

Pull and relationship marketing relies on developing relationships with prospects before doing any overt promotion. The premise being people, especially women, tend to do business with others who they already know, like and trust.

In fact, according to Nielsen, 83% of consumers will trust the recommendations of family and friends so it's our goal as business owners to gain that trust.

So how does one go about gaining trust and generating qualified leads from social media?

Here's 13 best ways to attracting qualified leads to your business:

1. Establish yourself as being knowledgeable in your industry. Do this through your blog, newsletter, and the types of posts you add to your social media accounts.

This authority will build trust with your followers as they learn more and more about what you do, and your expertise in that field.

2. Pick the best channels for you to get visible on and focus just on those. Don't try to spread yourself too thin by being everywhere.

Instead of chasing after the social media channels that are getting a lot of attention, ask yourself this important question: "Where is my target audience hanging out?"

Then go build your brand presence there.

3. Be on social media with the intent of being helpful, not on pushing your wares. People smell desperation a mile away and it's a turn-off to most.

Instead of always trying to "push" your products or services on others, "pull" them in by being engaged with them. Comment, like and share their posts. Answer questions that are genuinely helpful.

Developing trusting relationships will give you greater returns in the long run than doing nothing but promoting yourself.

4. Provide exclusive offers just for your loyal followers. In between posting informative posts, sprinkle in special offers, discount codes, contests or giveaways that are exclusive to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers.

Shortstack offers an easy way to hold Instagram, Facebook and Twitter contests that will also help you stay within those platform's rules.

5. Ask for a referral after someone has made a purchase. When an online purchase is made, the purchaser is sent to a "thank you" landing page. Use that page to offer some sort of incentive to share what they bought with their social media followers.

twitter follower bot

6. Host a Twitter Chat or Facebook Live show. This is a great opportunity to get in front of your followers and showcase your expertise.

Use the show to have a question and answer session, share a valuable tip, strategy or perhaps some inspiration. Use your imagination and think about what your followers would want from you.

7. Incorporate a paid ads campaign. Despite what we tend to think, social media is not really a free platform for business.

In order to get the exposure you need to generate solid leads, you need to look at it from a "pay to play" perspective. Invest in Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn ads, depending on where your ideal clients are hanging out the most.

It wouldn't hurt to supplement your efforts with Google ads too. Google ads can be extremely effective at driving qualified traffic back to your website.

8. Create a custom tab on Facebook for your free giveaway. Facebook users don't like leaving that platform so one way to get people to sign up for your free giveaway is to host a custom tab within your Facebook page that provides the signup ability. Here is ours as an example.

Pagemodo offers a means to do this or you can use Static HTML as well.

9. Add your list of services to your Facebook page. Facebook recently implemented a new feature on the business page that provides an opportunity to showcase your services. Take advantage of this great feature so your followers know what it is you offer!

Here's ours as an example.

10. Use Twitter cards. Twitter cards are a great lead generator that has a call to action embedded right in the tweet.

Once the visually eye-catching and compelling tweet is created, pin it as a feature tweet to the top of your page. This is prime real estate that twitter followers will see when checking you out.

You can view our Twitter card here.

11. Use video. Video is where it's at on the social media scene so take full advantage of the excellent exposure it can bring your business.

You can use video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course YouTube to demonstrate how to use your product, share informative tips and strategies, offer inspiration and words of wisdom to name a few ideas.

12. Add a call to action to your Facebook page. Your Facebook business page has a great feature located right under your header banner that allows you to add in a call to action.

Ask yourself what you want your followers to do once they have discovered your page? You can choose from several options such as booking a service, getting in touch, learning more, making a purchase or donation or downloading an app or game.

13. Get engaged with your followers. One of the fundamental strategies you can incorporate into your social media efforts is to get involved and engaged with other people and pages posts.

A great way to get more exposure to your page is to like, comment and share other page posts as your page. Find other pages that share the same target market as you and like those pages as your page (as opposed to your personal profile) and make a daily habit of interacting with those posts.

The more you get engaged with your followers, the more they will be aware of who you are, which will begin to develop the know, like and trust factor with them. The more that happens, the more apt they will be to go check you out and if they need what you're offering, they will then become a lead for your business.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to take advantage of social media's powerful lead generation possibilities. The key is to be consistent, be strategic and be patient with you efforts.


Search Engine Optimization (seo) Explained For The Lay Person…

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO involves choosing the most relevant targeted keyword phrases relating to your website, ensuring that this helps to rank your website higher up the results in search engines. Then... when a web searcher looks for specific keyphrases it returns your website in the search results. It simply involves tweaking the content of your website including the HTML and Meta tags and also involves relevant link building.

Today's most widely used search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. Search engines prefer to keep their ranking algorithms mostly secret, to help ensure they are credited with returning the most relevant search results and to deter spammers from clogging their results pages. A search engine might employ hundreds or even thousands of algorithm factors while ranking their listings whilst the algorithm factors themselves and the weight each carries may be ever changing. Search engine algorithms can be so different in fact that, a web page that ranks no1 in a particular search engine could rank at no 100 in another.

New websites don't actually need to be submitted, as such, to search engines in order to be indexed. A back link from a well known or reputable website will cause the search engines to visit the new website and begin to crawl and index its contents. It can take a matter of days to some weeks from the referring of a link via a reputable website for all the main search engine crawlers to begin to visit and index the new website.

If you don't have any seo expertise or you aren't able to research keyphrases and work on your own website or search engine rankings, you might look to employ an seo company to do the search engine optimisation work for you.

Search engine optimization and internet marketing or web promotion companies will assess your website and propose any recommendations to increase your search engine rankings and your website's traffic. If you so choose, they can also provide an ongoing consultation service... monitoring your search results whilst making any recommendations for editing and making improvements. This could be done to ensure your website's traffic increases and your search engine rankings remain high. Most times your search engine optimization expert can work alongside your web designer to build an seo plan from the outset so that all aspects of design and seo are considered from day one.


By: Micrositez1

Phoenix SEO

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Scot Crone is owner of Micrositez a SEO UK an internet marketing, website promotion and web design company providing affordable a search engine optimisation to clients across the UK and worldwide.

February 17 2017


Twittering Trends

Have you heard about Twitter yet?

If not then twitter follower bot you will be soon ... the question you have to ask yourself is this ... 'Is my Target Market busy Tweeting?' If they are then you will want to join them.

So what is Twitter? Well its a form of micro-blogging. No doubt you are familiar with Blogs. Twitter is a condensed format of blogging. Twitter only allows you to send a message up to 140 characters in length hence the reason it is known as mirco-blogging.

Now before you right it off as just another Internet thingo that your kids are into take a look at this:

This is taken from www.Google.com/trends (a brilliant research tool) and shows the growth in popularity of Twitter in the last four or five months. Right now Twitter is growing massively and is gaining huge momentum with millions of people Tweeting.

What does it mean to send a Tweet? Well essentially a Tweet is a 140 character update of what you are doing. You can also use Tweets to share information, share different resources and to direct people to your website.

You do this by building up a list of followers. Then every time you Tweet (send a message through Twitter) it is viewable by all of your followers. Obviously the goal then is to build up a big list of followers and to continually add value to them rather than just pitching them.

Now here is the most important thing ... Twitter is an awesome tool for being able to identify your Target Market and then have them follow you. What this means is that it is possible to build a large following of your target market with a little knowledge and know how.

I have to admit ... when I first joined Twitter it made no sense to me at all. Why would people want to follow me? What could I possibly send tweets about? etc. So if this is what you are thinking right now then I understand/

Let me assure you of one thing though ... the world is rapidly changing. New technology such as Twitter will be the key to reaching and gaining the ATTENTION of your target market in the future whether you like it or not.

Compare the cost of Twitter (free) to reach your target market with say a half page ad in Yellow Pages.

I can almost guarantee you that if your Target Market are not currently on Twitter they will be in 6 to 12 months based on the growth trend. Not all of them sure, but enough of them to make it worthwhile for you to begin learning about it today.

So what should you do about it?

First go to Twitter and create a profile.

Next send a message to everyone you know asking them to follow you and include the link to your profile.

Then http://www.cnn.com/ add links to your website, blog and Facebook profiles so that people visiting any of these sites can add you as a Twitter friend.

If you just start out by playing around with it you will soon see the power of Twitter and why it is set to become a powerhouse marketing tool.

By: Sheree Montgomerie

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Sheree Montgomerie

Coach/PsychEd Consultant

Attraction Marketing Experts

Women in business Where is your next client coming from?

Discover how you can ATTRACT more clients to your business

www.smallbusinessmarketingcd.com ....$497.00 worth of Attra



11 Sites Like Craigslist: More Classified Ad Websites


Searching for other classified ad websites? There are many great sites like Craigslist that allow you to post or browse classified ads for free.

If you aren't having any success with Craigslist then the alternatives on this list might just be what you're looking for. This collection of websites summaries the perfect places for buying, selling, and discovering through classified ads, allowing you to reach thousands of people in your local area.

Craigslist is one of the most popular classified advertising websites that has grown steadily since it began in 1995. It is now generally considered to be one of the best sites available in the classified advertising space and a regularly-used alternative to the traditional classified section in your local print newspaper. It's a place to post services, community resources, resume help, gigs, housing, jobs, items for sale, items wanted and everything else you could need to buy, sell or trade.

SEO Phoenix

The websites featured below offer alternatives that either focus on a particular niche or fill a gap in Craigslist's offerings. Please share your stories about using web based classified ads in the comments below or recommend a site not featured here.

February 16 2017


Why Local SEO Is About to Become Even More Important

Local search engine optimization isn't just about local mom-and-pop shops anymore. Practically any business can take advantage of local SEO's benefits. Since Google's fan-named " Pigeon" update in 2014, the importance of local SEO has grown, leading many entrepreneurs to focus on their strategy despite going years without considering a local tangent to their inbound marketing campaign. Others, who already practiced regular local optimization strategies, saw the update as an opportunity to increase their efforts even further.

These moves are savvy, because local SEO has risen in importance, but the ride isn't over yet. Over the next few years, I anticipate that local SEO will become even more impactful and more useful for businesses. Here's why.

Google loves local businesses.

Over the years, Google has shown slight favoritism toward newer, smaller, more agile companies. While most of its ranking biases have to do with a brand's history and authority, Google also wants to give the people what they want -- and that often means showcasing nimbler, more popular brands.

Related: Score More Customers With Your Website With These 4 Tips

It also has to do with enabling small-business owners, who have limited access to resources, more potential in breaking new ground. Google has a long history of providing free tools -- such as Analytics, Webmaster Tools and so on -- to business owners for the sole purpose of helping them increase their online visibility. Because Google cares about (dare I say "loves") local businesses, you can expect Pigeon to be only the beginning of its locally-focused updates.

There will be more individualized results.

Google also loves giving people individualized results. While its predictive and customized search features are relatively limited for the time being, already the search engine is able to generate specific results based on the person who is searching. As long as you're logged into a Google account, your search history and your geographic location both play into the type of results you see.

As Google grows more sophisticated and users start demanding even more individualized results, the importance of local optimization will only grow.

The growth of mobile and wearable devices.

Each year, the percentage of online searches performed on mobile devices has grown definitively, and as you might imagine, the majority of mobile searches are performed while on the go. With the dawn of wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch, users will start using on-the-go searches even more frequently, with even more immediate needs.

As a result, proximity-based searches will likely start to become popular, and local searches will be based on hyper-specific locations, rather than just on a regional or neighborhood-specific basis. In effect, wearable devices will drive a much more geographically relevant network of information and eliminate even more barriers between the digital and physical worlds.

Competition is increasing.

Every year, millions of new sites are created and thousands of new businesses stabilize as formidable enterprises. In response, potential search visibility is actively dropping in many areas, with features such as the Knowledge Graph taking over search engine results pages and long-standing blue chip brands dominating the national search landscape.

Competition is increasing, so business owners will be forced to find smaller target niches in order to achieve relevant visibility. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to optimize locally, so local SEO will only grow in importance as competition continues to increase.

Related: How to Distribute Your Marketing Budget Between SEO and PPC

How to get started with a local SEO campaign.

If you're intimidated by the notion of starting a local SEO campaign, don't be. It's actually a pretty straightforward process, though it will take you some time and effort.

Local citation correction. Your first job is to make sure your business is listed accurately and appropriately throughout the web. Claim your local business profile on local directory and review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, as well as any other directories that are relevant for your business.

Ensure that your most important business information -- especially your name, address and phone number -- are accurate and formatted consistently across all of these platforms. If Google notices even a small discrepancy between two different sources, your local authority could drop.

Local content and relationship building. Once all your local information is in place and verified for accuracy, you can start the process of optimizing your content and external links for local relevance. For articles, this is relatively easy -- just be sure to include the name of your city, region or neighborhood in your blog titles and make sure the content is relevant to your location.

Local events and local information articles are perfect opportunities for this. Be sure to guest post on local external blogs, and try to get published on local news outlets with your latest press releases.

SEO Phoenix

Local reviews and ongoing management. Finally, try to encourage your customers to post reviews about your business on Yelp and other review sites. You can't buy these reviews, nor can you solicit them from your customers in any way, but you can let your customers know that you're on these sites and indirectly persuade them to leave their feedback. Do everything you can to increase the number of positive reviews you receive, and don't forget to log in so you can check and respond to these reviews regularly.

There you have it. Unless you already have a http://www.podyplomowe.pl/swps-warszawa/studia-podyplomowe/marketing/social-media dominant, nationally established presence on major search engines that newcomers can't touch, or you don't have a single physical location, local SEO is going to become a necessity if you want to achieve search engine visibility over the course of the next few years.

Take measures now to implement a consistent ongoing strategy, and stay committed to seeing it through. With the effects of your efforts compounding, you'll start seeing results within weeks to months, and as further changes favor locally optimized businesses, you'll only stand to benefit more.

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